Spiro Pictures Productions

Official Selection 2014 and 2017 Jane Darling Producer and Director



Beware the Cats at Starz Pet Universe

SCIENCE FI - SURREAL CINEMA. This short is a Public Service Announcement to share your heart and adopt a pet. It's part of a trilogy of car themed shorts. An astronaut markets his pet store to the delight of drive-by onlookers. Customers discover adventure inside. 2:30 minutes


Violet by the Sea

SCIENCE FICTION - Worlds collide as the ocean gives up her secrets to Violet, a woman beginning a life transformation on a lonely seashore. Online dating and late night talk shows about alien abductions lead to mysterious encounters. 14 min.


Behind Door Number 4

DRAMA SURREAL - A dark and mysterious evening evolves as a powerful cast portrays the battles between memories and reality as a daughter's choices wreak havoc on her Mother. Doors open, doors close, and some go in circles.


Gomez and Morticia

SURREAL CINEMA - Graveyard, trains, and dancing ghouls.


Bat Cave, See No Evil

SURREAL CINEMA - What's going on in the Bat Cave? Conscious and unconscious images compete for reality.



DRAMA - "Life is a joyride until it isn't." A woman who feels her life is off track deals with her own demons and tribal shaming when she suspects she might be pregnant and uncertain who the father is.