“What If” Casts a Spell

“What if” casts a spell because words are powerful. “What if” can tumble a person into deep depression if one looks back, recalling events one cannot change but wish “if only.” Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time and … Continue reading

School’s Out for Summer

Remember how fantastic it was to walk out of school that last day of the year and then have the WHOLE ENTIRE SUMMER for yourself? All the neighborhood kids, nieces and nephews are out for the summer – blissful. And … Continue reading

Webisodes Launch Film Projects

Webisodes are a terrific way to launch your film projects in small producible chunks. A webisode is an episode of a series that is distributed as web television. It is available as either for download or in streaming. They are … Continue reading

Fun Summer Movie Viewing Must Include American International Pictures

Another logo I love seeing pop up on the screen is American International Pictures. This outfit was supplied by director and producer Roger Corman, the genius behind producing B movies, cult favorites, and monster movies. He wrote and produced the … Continue reading

Six Impossible Things Per Day Exercise

One of the blogs I regularly read is by Carolyn Myss. I saved this one to re-read and I summarize it here. She says to practice an exercise to believe in 6 impossible things per day to expand your imagination … Continue reading

Windows 10 “Windows Push Notifications User Service” Uses Gbs of Memory and Won’t Stop

This is a technical blog, of no interest unless your video editor is sitting on a Windows 10 operating system that keeps updating itself to the point of instability. I used to turn automatic updates off but I don’t think … Continue reading

Edward Hopper Depicts City Life and Isolation

I stopped by a friend’s home to head out and get coffee. We live in a big city and often go drive around at night to look at it. Whether we are out on the fringes looking at the cheap … Continue reading

Art Inspires Art – Or John Malkovich Did What?

An art form can quite often inspire another art form. This happened when filmmaker Sandro Miller made a short film with John Malkovich dressed up and portraying characters from the movies of David Lynch. The film is titled, “Psychogenic Fugue.” … Continue reading

Dark Shadows Arrives on Amazon Prime

The Gothic horror soap opera, “Dark Shadows” is now on Amazon Prime and included with Prime membership. Looks like they have many of the episodes. The show aired from 1966 to 1971 with a couple of special movies made after … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence Migraines

Artificial Intelligence is here. Sort of. Has a long way to go. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents” – any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of … Continue reading