Science Fiction Composer Dominic Frontiere

Who makes those wonderful theme songs that imprint in our minds forever? Reminding us of a movie or show we once saw? How much we enjoyed it, perhaps inspired by it, or at least highly entertained. Composers. Dominic Frontiere (1931 … Continue reading

Science Fiction “The Terminator” Predicts American Life

Science fiction. We just saw the future again. The deadly bar scene from “The Terminator” (1984, very first movie) took place in Thousand Oaks, California last night. This weeks mass shooting was yet another mentally ill human with a private … Continue reading

I Met the Wizard of Oz

This crazy adventure starts at Harbor Freight, a tool store that caters to a diverse population which I have mentioned before in blogs. I went there with a 20% off discount coupon to buy a truck bed ramp for about … Continue reading

Miniature Set Lighting

What a difference the lighting makes. These are more representative of the actual color and texture of the industrial complex. Still, this is a basecoat of it. More detail and texture will be added. I thought it would be easier!

Miniature Set Experiments

I photographed these communication outpost industrial complexes against a black cloth, not green screen so I was limited in my “look and feel” selection. So I experimented with what I had to see what it looks like. These are the … Continue reading

NEWSFLASH! “Rage of the Mummy” is Completed!

Yes, the “Rage of the Mummy,” a horror feature film by Dennis Vincent is complete and is getting launched into the world. A private screening for the cast, crew, and investors is scheduled at a local theater. It’s limited seating … Continue reading

Four Fang Day

I got 4 fang holes in my jugular vein. Oh the drama. Let’s do the math and calculate the cost. Two narcissist encounters, 2 fangs each multiplied by 2 and we get 4 fangs. That’s enough to derail a creative. … Continue reading

EMF Detectors for Inter-Dimensional Portal Detection

Or ghosts or ET’s. I mention EMF detectors periodically relating to detecting energy field changes from anything from cell towers to ghosts, to extraterrestrials. Sounds like a handy device but what is it and how does it work? EMF means … Continue reading

Space Travel via Science Fiction or the REAL Deal

The more I think about it, the more I have come to realize that traveling to far distances in the universe by spaceship is just not possible. With physics as we know it today, we won’t get very far, even … Continue reading

More on The Haunting of Hill House

I got curious. I watched a few more episodes and this series on Netflix is indeed scary and very well done. The director and creator of the series is Michael Flanagan. He’s a veteran horror filmmaker. And come to find … Continue reading