Interview Highlights with Dennis Vincent – Director for “Rage of the Mummy”

HEADS WILL ROLL!  I did an in-depth video interview with the director of “Rage of the Mummy,” Dennis Vincent. And we talked inside the mummy tomb! The video is being edited and will be posted ASAP. But I wanted to … Continue reading

Sci-fi Theater, The War of the Worlds

Yep, theater of the most interesting. War of the Worlds and Time Machines? Journey to the Moon? Undersea escapes? A live theater performance of H. G. Wells classic was performed on stage in a multi-media film, theater, dance, live music … Continue reading

“The Grandmother” Surreal Cinema by David Lynch

Surreal cinema ignites the imagination. So I watched David Lynch’s “The Grandmother,” a short film he made while at the American Film Institute in 1970 before he made Eraserhead. I call it surreal cinema since it contains elements of shock, … Continue reading

The Post Card Project

I have friends who travel a lot more than me. After all, I am waiting for the Mothership to return and don’t want to make it difficult for them to find me. I always say to my wandering pals, “Send … Continue reading

22 Sci-Fi Genre Types or Which Universe is Mine?

I was surprised to learn that there are many strange and wonderful genre types for science fiction literature and movies. I ran across a long list and took a closer look, trying to think of films/books that fit into the … Continue reading

How to Build Your Own Theremin

This is a simple theremin from an electronics kit for about $20. But it was a fun hands on project to build. What is a theremin? It is a clever musical instrument that you play but never touch. You move … Continue reading

Sculpture Time and Mutations

Sometimes things evolve into something better. Or in this case, mutate. That was the case with my sculpture. When I was cleaning out my garage, I recently unburied this project I started several years ago. Yes, years. And unbury means … Continue reading

Get on YouTube – Convert Your Podcast

I learned to do data mining at my corporate job. I’m an engineer by trade and understand processes and how things work. At times I research information on all kinds of topics – new technologies, sales revenue, competitors, “what works”. … Continue reading

Mago’s Magic Shoppe – Adventure Close to Home

I am real big on adventure in your back yard or close to home. I just can’t spiritually wait for those 2 weeks and try to cram an adventure in there. I would rather have a consistent stream of adventures … Continue reading

Hammer Studio – A Unique Brand that Streams on YouTube, Free!

Worn out from Christmas specials already? Well head on over to Hammer Films YouTube Channel. When you see that logo come up, you know it’s going to be great. Would you be surprised to learn they generously post a few … Continue reading