Hammer House of Horror Marathon

The local sci-fi channel, COMET, ran a Hammer House of Horror marathon on the weekend. This 1980 TV series still stands the test of time. The stories are relevant, well made, extremely diverse, and scary. Most have supernatural themes but … Continue reading

Rob Zombie Interview about Everything

Joe Rogan interviews Rob Zombie on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” a few weeks ago. A friend referred me to it since Zombie is such a major film buff. Joe and Rob are in the studio on video or … Continue reading

Bugs and Alien Technology

Insects have long been used to inspire monsters and aliens. Their appearance, movements and ferociousness toward prey give anyone nightmares. As wonderful as bugs have been used in this way they can also be used to inspire spacecraft, aircraft, submersibles, … Continue reading

Ocean Cleanup Success – Plastic Retained

The Ocean Cleanup Project just announced that System001B, the second prototype, now retains the plastic it collects. It can capture plastic down to 1mm in addition to the garbage and fishing nets. It’s working on the largest garbage patch, the … Continue reading

Geek Rock Band Bolonium Releases Second CD

Denver band Bolonium describes their music as “geek rock” and a mix of Devo and Weird Al Yankovich. Can you get your head around that? I would add INSANE Geek Rock! Their second CD was released in August. Entitled “Snacktacular” … Continue reading

Inconceivable Count Dracula

It’s inconceivable that there exists a Dracula movie I have never seen but it happened to me! I keep a list of classic horror among other genres on my Kanopy account watchlist and when I went to pick out a … Continue reading

Judas Hires Satan to Cater The Last Supper

My favorite episode for Bored as Hell, Season 2 is Episode 6, “The Last Supper on Hell’s Kitchen.” “Sure,” Satan said, “I’ll cater one last supper.” Well. . . . Satan didn’t know it was going to be THE Last … Continue reading

The Universe Celebrates National Coffee Day

And it should. Coffee is a wonderful beverage. Raise your cups to the observance of this fine product that brings people together to chat live and in person, warms the body and soul, and we all love that caffeine! Today … Continue reading

Bored as Hell Season 2 Episode 5 Lion, Goat Legged, Buer OH MY!

The radio station is besieged by protesters because Satan offends them. So Satan summons the Buer for counsel. According to legend, Buer is a spirit that appears in the 16th-century grimoire Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and its derivatives, where he is described … Continue reading

Hollywood Beauty Also a Famous Inventor

Creative people often have multiple talents and interests. A famous actress can also be a scientist. An inventor. A creative one. A friend mentioned this article and I found it interesting so I am sharing it with you. Scientific American … Continue reading