A Place of Wizardry

I am redesigning my blogs a bit. That is why they are not daily. In the meantime I have been catching up on my subscription reading and podcasts. Lots to learn! One of my favorites is Steven Pressfield and I … Continue reading

Setup Re-imagined

I decided I need more space. I have some square footage but it is being used inefficiently. Having a place to work is a valuable resource. Especially a place where I can leave my work set up which allows me … Continue reading

Consciousness is the Idea Store

I was reviewing notes I took from a film making class from David Lynch. I mentioned the class before in a blog. It was online at Masterclass and was terrific. So David Lynch was talking about where ideas come from … Continue reading

Chaos to Cyborg

This is the early beginnings of some of the important props that will be used in a project I am working on. I started a stockpile of potential pieces of my life size cyborg robot. I have a full size … Continue reading

How to Film a Car Scene with Green Screen

This is the way to film a car scene IMO. You have total control over the environment – day, night, weather, mood, and insert scenery. AND most important – the sound. Otherwise unless the car is stopped, you will have … Continue reading

April Showers Bring Murals!

I collect murals from other cities. Here are some from San Francisco I photographed during a trip. They have “mural tours” there since it is a city covered in art and fascinating to walk through. Diego Rivera painted murals in … Continue reading

Visit the Bizarre Japanese Horror Comedy House

Another good referral from a film studies friend. The Japanese made horror comedy genre movie, “House” (1977) is an experience. Not scary but at times whimsical, musical, creepy, surreal, and visually beautiful. Six young women (teenagers) visit one of the … Continue reading

1959 Terrific Post Apocalyptic Film Worth Watching

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil was directed by Ranald MacDougall and stars Harry Belafonte, Inger Stevens and Mel Ferrer. The story is based upon 2 sources, the novel “The Purple Cloud” by M. P. Shiel and the story … Continue reading

Preview of New Short Film – Joyride

My recently completed short film, ”Joyride – A Woman With a Problem” is posted for viewing. Until I start putting it into film festivals I will use it to show how to film scenes inside a car using a green … Continue reading

Cats Defend Earth from Alien Invasion

Felines are doing their part to keep extra-terrestrials from invading Earth. They know to be diligent. I had a container of little green men – aliens – and a plastic skeleton army on a bookshelf. They knocked it off. Aliens … Continue reading