Sculpture Time and Mutations

Sometimes things evolve into something better. Or in this case, mutate. That was the case with my sculpture. When I was cleaning out my garage, I recently unburied this project I started several years ago. Yes, years. And unbury means … Continue reading

Get on YouTube – Convert Your Podcast

I learned to do data mining at my corporate job. I’m an engineer by trade and understand processes and how things work. At times I research information on all kinds of topics – new technologies, sales revenue, competitors, “what works”. … Continue reading

Mago’s Magic Shoppe – Adventure Close to Home

I am real big on adventure in your back yard or close to home. I just can’t spiritually wait for those 2 weeks and try to cram an adventure in there. I would rather have a consistent stream of adventures … Continue reading

Hammer Studio – A Unique Brand that Streams on YouTube, Free!

Worn out from Christmas specials already? Well head on over to Hammer Films YouTube Channel. When you see that logo come up, you know it’s going to be great. Would you be surprised to learn they generously post a few … Continue reading

Crowd Control – Need More People? No problem!

I do a lot of tutorials and read many “how to” blogs since most of my film projects require special effects. I was doing a tutorial on creating a large crowd in CGI (nerds – you generate people particles and … Continue reading

Awesome Sound Recording for Your Low Budget Film or Podcast

Field tested basic recording equipment will get you professional, clear, excellent quality sound for your film. I interviewed filmmaker Dennis Vincent. Dennis has experience to share after producing several documentaries, his first feature film “Rage of the Mummy,” and working … Continue reading

Support Indie Film – “Bored as Hell” World Premiere Sept 10, 2017

This looks fun! I know some of the creators, actors, directors, and artists. World premier of Season 1. Sunday, September 10 at 3PM – 7PM. Party starts at 3PM, movie starts at 5PM. Free to attend, accepting donations and be … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at Terror Tales

I decided to do a video blog. Yes, that’s me narrating and explaining how glad I was I showed up that day. I almost turned around and went home because the traffic was so horrible driving through Denver. But I … Continue reading

How to Film Your Movie at the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Ever want to film in Egypt, or the planet of Frank Herbert’s Dune?  Well you can! During the production of “Rage of the Mummy”, director Dennis Vincent filmed a few scenes at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in the … Continue reading

Meet Madame Ghoulie – Horror Host for “Rage of the Mummy”

Will the horror ever end? Hope not! A new horror host has launched in Denver and will premier in Rage of the Mummy. The haunting Madam Ghoulie is played by comedy actress Pam Renall. Perhaps she’s a little too friendly … Continue reading